Back At It Again

I didn’t intend to take a long hiatus. It just sort of happened. A lot has happened since then.


We got engaged!

Then I decided to go back to college and finish my A.S. finally. The best part of environmental studies is that spending time in the great outdoors counts as credit. 


Then we got married near Mount Shasta!

j  2016 188.JPG

Right now I’m in my last couple weeks of college! Balancing work and classes was exhausting especially while I was planning the wedding. Unfortunately it didn’t leave me with a lot of creative energy or time to travel but I MADE IT. Well almost. I still have to pass this last semester.

I can’t wait to start the next phase of my life and get back to my art. To those of you who’ve stuck around this long, thank you so much.


My latest work: Rainbonium

Maybe this neon rainbow prism seems familiar. Rainbonium is a fictitious element of my own creation and the rarest substance in the known Glitterverse. It’s also a reoccurring motif in my art. I’ve always been drawn to rocks and crystals from my earliest memories.

When you’re working on art that takes a while, like anything that involves stippling, you have time to think. I tend to let my mind meander and imagine fantastic places that don’t exist.

I started this work with neon and black markers to draw the rainbonium and celestial bodies. I stippled the black part of space with a fine tip marker to create swirls, galaxies, and nebulas. I filled the background with a wash of water colors in purple, navy and black. Finally, I used white acrylic paint with a fine tip paint brush for the thousands of stars that surround the central singular hunk of rainbonium.

Oh yeah, did I mention it reacts under UV light?


I’m really pleased to have finished another work of art after the last one took so long. Let me know your thoughts. I gladly accept constructive criticism as I am always trying to improve my skills as an artist. Thank you!